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LYZ-2 oil quality detector

LYZ-2 oil quality detector

Product Details

LYZ-2 oil quality detector

Equipment for automobile testing stationsUnderGB7607-87 Auto Diesel Oil Oil Exchange Index Appendix A (internal combustion engine oil filter paper spot test method), the use of new microelectronics technology for a variety of lubrication through point analysis, and the results of the analysis into digital display values, so as to quickly determine the degree of oil pollution and oily deterioration of the state. From the values displayed by the instrument, you can know the range of the quality index of the oil used (sub-optimal, good, medium, poor, inferior five levels), and then choose the best oil change time.

The instrument adopts advanced analog amplification and digital integrated automatic computing conversion circuit, which has the advantages of stable performance, accurate and reliable, simple operation and so on.

Technical parameters

Indication Mode: Digital display

Operating voltage: ^220V±10%

Quality analysis: Excellent, good, middle, poor, inferior

Ambient temperature: -15-+45%

How to do this

1. Open the chassis and connect the -220V power supply.

2. Turn on the power switch, at which point the light is on and the number shows two digits.

3. Press the "Measuring hold Switch" to the "measurement" side, turn the "Oil integer" knob, and adjust to display "1".

4. Use the oil suction straw to take a small amount of oil to be inspected the same model of new oil dripping into the instrument storage tank, the "measurement switch" placed on the "measurement" side, turn the "oil whole" knob, so that the display value of "100" and then use the straw to suck out the sample oil in the tankQuality.

5. the same use (Operation method) method, take a small amount of oil to be inspected into the inspection tank, at this time the instrument display is in the use of oil test value, and the "Measurement hold" switch on the "hold" side, record the measured value, against the following table to set the quality quality of the oil inspected.

Detection instructions

At present, a wide variety of lubricants, here to use commonly used oil as an example, the establishment of a certain evaluation criteria as a reference indicator, due to various types of lubricants, lubrication requirements are different, sometimes according to their specific circumstances to make appropriate amendments to the standard value, through the practice to establish a precise judgment.


1, after each measurement, must be kept in the oil tank clean.

2. When measuring, the oil in the groove is completely submerged inside the hole as the lower limit.

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