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LZS-type steam/diesel tachometer

LZS-type steam/diesel tachometer

Product Details

LZS-type steam/diesel tachometer

LZS engine tachometer, mainly used to detect the speed of diesel engine and gasoline engine, the use of microcomputer control, liquid crystal real-time display, accurate measurement, easy to operate, can accurately reflect the speed of diesel engine and gasoline engine.

Test ambient temperature:-15~45℃

Test relative Humidity: 20~80%

Test Range: 0~9999 turn/Points

Complete sets of

The instrument consists of two parts: divided into host and sensor parts. Sensors are: Diesel engine speed sensors (gasoline engines in the instrument upper antenna lever both). The sensor is connected to the interface to the right of the instrument through a connector.

How to do this

Gasoline Engine Testing

Pull the antenna at the top of the tachometer into any position of the engine (like contact non-contact state), start the engine, the engine runs normally, turn on the instrument power switch, the instrument will display the engine speed in real time.

Diesel Engine Inspection

The diesel engine speed sensor is sucked into the high-pressure tubing of the diesel engine, the engine is activated, the power switch is turned on after the engine is running normally, and the instrument will display the engine speed in real time.

Note: Due to the different pressure of high pressure tubing of diesel engine, the instrument has two gain adjustment, when the instrument display speed is unstable, please toggle the gain size adjustment switch on the right side of the instrument panel.

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