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The car with two acceptance of maintenance equipment

The car with two acceptance of maintenance equipment

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The car with two acceptance of maintenance equipment

First, portable braking performance tester

LZD-C type microcomputer handheld braking performance tester is a microcomputer as the core of intelligent instruments, mainly used in automotive braking performance testing. The host is composed of single chip microcomputer, built-in sensor, printer, keyboard, LCD display, with data storage, display, printing and other functions, LZD-C type microcomputer handheld braking performance tester has simple operation, easy to carry, flexible and easy to use and so on.

General parameters:

Power supply: Nickel cadmium battery 7.5V;

Charging power supply: AC220V 50Hz;

Technical parameters

①, braking time: Measuring range: 0.00~10.00 s Error: 0.5%

②, brake reduction Speed: Measuring range: 0.00~9.80M/S2 error: ±0.1 m/s2

③, braking distance: Measuring range: -9.8~99.99 m Error: 5%±0.10m

Second, the car headlight detector

Main technical parameters:

1, the scope of use:

Temperature: -20℃~55℃

Relative Humidity: 20%~80%

Environment: Indoor (or outdoor sun-avoiding and shelter from the rain)

2. Measuring range:

Luminescent Strength: 0~40000CD

Optical axis Skew Amount:

Vertical direction: Upper 1°20 ' ~ Lower 2°20 '

Horizontal direction: Left 2°20 ' ~ Right 2°20 '

3, the error of the display value:

Luminescent strength: ±10% (relative error) Optical axis offset: ±15 '

4, Headlight Center High measurement range: 0.5~1.25m

5, detection distance: 1m

6, Dimensions: (mm) (length * width * height)

Host: 850*600*60

Lifting bracket: 720*660*110

Third, single skateboard side slip test Bench

Main technical parameters and performance:

Maximum Axial weight: 10T

Dimensions: 1270*500*45 (mm)

Motherboard size: 500*500*45 (mm)

Skateboard Stroke: inward 5mm, outward 5mm

Measuring range: Inward 0-9m/km; outward 0-9 m/km

Display mode: pointer display

0 Point change: ±0.2m/km

Resolution: 0.1M/KM

Display Error: ±0.2m/km

Judgment error: ±0.2 m/km

Skateboard Shift Power: 30N when the skateboard moves 0.1mm

70N when the skateboard moves 2.5mm

Iv. Diesel Vehicle Smoke meter

Main technical indicators of the instrument

Pumping Air Pump

Pumping air pump pumping gas is 330±15 ml.

The sampling time of the pumping pump is 0.25~1 seconds.

Air tightness of the pumping pump: the infiltration of external air within a minute does not exceed 15 mm.

Sampling Filter paper: The use of GB1915-80 rapid qualitative chemical analysis of filter paper, its outer diameter of φ45 mm.

Filter paper via effective diameter phi 30 mm.


The indicator is displayed using a red digital tube. The indicator is based on the light absorption scale, with 0~10RB wave allowable smoke unit to indicate that "0" is the white filter paper smoke, "10" is the full black filter paper smoke degree.The minimum resolution of the smoke degree is 0.1RB.The photoelectric element adopts a small square photosensitive battery.

Light bulb: White LED indicator, long life light source, no replacement required

±2﹪ indicating that the value adjustment is not greater than the maximum read value

Normal conditions of use of the instrument

Ambient temperature: 0~40℃

Relative Humidity: ≤85﹪

Power supply: Built-in 7.5V rechargeable battery

Technical parameters

1, the measuring range: 0---25﹪

2, measurement accuracy: ±1﹪

3, working environment temperature: 0℃~45℃

4, Relative Humidity: ≤85﹪

5. Response Time: ≤15S

6, operating voltage: AC220V

The oxygen content in automobile exhaust gas is analyzed to determine whether the emission of carbon monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbon (HC) in automobile exhaust gas meets the requirements of national standards, and the oxygen content (﹪) of exhaust gas can also be used to reflect whether the air-fuel ratio of the engine is in the best power and economic state.

The instrument is specially designed for the automotive maintenance and repair Department, can meet the needs of emission gases, with compact structure, simple operation, easy to use and low price, etc., is the automotive maintenance, maintenance industry is the most ideal testing equipment.

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